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Let`s make learning fun!

From Alphabet Jumps to Hopscotch's, from Maths Mazes to Snakes & Ladders, Trumark can do them for you. We are the specialists in School playground games in the UK

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Recent press coverage suggests that children in general, are playing far less games. In addition, research shows that children are physically exerting themselves a lot less during playtimes at school, (often leading to obesity problems in later life) and are often far harder to settle and get back to work on re-entering school for lessons.

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Boring and dull playgrounds can contribute to this negative behaviour;

Children who have a stimulating playground have been found to be less disruptive on returning to the classroom, and bullying was reduced. We believe that an attractive, and stimulating environment is particularly important, and may therefore be a positive step that a school can take to address some of these issues.

After all, children can spend as much as 40% of their time in the playground!

Just imagine what we could do with your playground!




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